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Development trend of powder coating additives in China
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Powder coating auxiliaries are important components of powder coatings, and play a more and more important role in expanding the application field of powder coatings. The composition of powder coating auxiliaries in China is complex, with the majority of small enterprises. Most of them are not the source production enterprises, and they do not have the synthetic ability. All of them are the compound powder for the purchase of liquid additives. In addition, there is a small amount of foreign import additives in the powder coating market in China, but because of the price factors, it is mainly used in the high-end field. With the expansion of the influence of Chinese powder coatings, foreign auxiliaries have paid more and more attention to the field of powder coatings in China.

In 2016, China's powder coatings auxiliaries sold 74 thousand and 900 t, an increase of 3% over the same period, and the average selling price of various auxiliaries was 27.4 yuan /kg, an increase of 9.6% over the same period last year. In the two years, there are many new expansion projects in the field of auxiliaries, but at the same time, some enterprises are facing more and more risk of environmental shutdown or relocation. It is expected that in the next few years, there will be a round of shuffling in the field of auxiliaries.

At present, solid acrylic resin for powder coatings is mainly used in extinction. The focus of the study is epoxy and carboxyl functional groups. The research focuses mainly on the extinction efficiency and the extinction stability, including adjusting the monomer formula to achieve the required degree of functional degree and glass temperature, and adjusting the process to obtain the appropriate molecular weight and distribution. And so on. There are three bottlenecks: (1) lack of basic research on the application of polymerization technology, such as new controllable polymerization process, application research of bulk polymerization process, and so on; (2) lack of equipment system with new polymerization process, such as high vacuum equipment, on-line control equipment, high efficient mass transfer, heat transfer equipment and control system of high viscosity material And so on, (3) lack of high quality monomer materials, especially fluorine-containing and silicon containing special functional monomers.

Based on the current domestic technology and equipment level, the first possible breakthrough technology is to use special imported monomers to modify existing products to achieve specific application performance, such as super weatherability, super hydrophobicity, high toughness and so on. Secondly, in the research of the new polymerization process, it is suggested that the industrial enterprises in the industry cooperate with the institutions of higher education and equipment enterprises to integrate the advantages of technological research, equipment development and industrial enlargement, and apply the process of block polymerization, controllable polymerization and bulk polymerization to industrial students. In the production, the quality and performance of products are greatly improved, and the application fields of products are widened.

At present, the technology of solid acrylic resin polymerization in China is mainly free radical solution polymerization, the process is more stable, the equipment is not high, and the quality of the product is poor. The new production process, including the free radical polymerization of pipe method, which has been applied abroad, has the theoretical basis of active / controlled free radical polymerization, and the highly controllable polymerization of microreactors in the field of medicine and chemical industry. It is expected to be applied in the synthesis of solid acrylic resin. The new materials and products include the introduction of super weatherproof acrylic resin containing fluorine monomers, the introduction of the comb like molecular structure of large monomers, the provision of acrylic resin with high content and multifunction end group, high heat resistance, high toughness acrylic resin and so on.
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